Sell Tickets Shopify app

     Automatically issue tickets to your customers

     Customize tickets to look how you want

     Easy to use doorlist for event check-in


Have you ever wanted to sell event tickets from your Shopify store? Maybe you’re hosting a launch for one of your products, a workshop or seminar, or even a "thank you" party for your favourite customers!

With Sell Tickets by TazoTix, you can turn your Shopify Products into Events. Create as many ticket types as you need (for example Adult and Child tickets, or General Admission and VIP), and set a price and quantity for each. When a customer makes a purchase, they are automatically sent their ticket via email, with a unique ID number and scannable QR code.

Other awesome features include:
  1. Fully customisable tickets! Add details like directions to your event and personalised details for the attendee
  2. Download a doorlist! On event day, use the specially formatted Sell Tickets by TazoTix doorlist to check in your guests
  3. Add manual orders! You can easily issue extra tickets from within the app for orders made offline, or for special guests. They’ll get their ticket automatically just like your other customers
  4. Export your orders! Download your orders as a CSV spreadsheet and easily incorporate the data into your existing workflow

Sell Tickets by TazoTix is flexible, powerful, and super easy to use. It’s designed to seamlessly sit alongside your existing products and has been engineered to integrate perfectly with Shopify - your store will keep its look and feel - but with added ticket-selling power! And, even better, it costs just $20 / month.

The team behind TazoTix have many years of online ticketing experience and have come across just about every event ticketing problem there is. We build great products for event organisers and believe in simple, straightforward design. If there’s something you’d like to see added to Sell Tickets by TazoTix, get in touch!